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I have always hoped to find a way to become involved at some level with domestic violence awareness and my thoughts have always been to find a way to use my personal stock photographs. Hence, Mike Shines Inc. and the coffee table book "I'll Never Tell."

"I'll Never Tell" is a unique coffee table book filled with over fifty pages of motivational and inspirational quotes from unknown authors. Hidden amongst those quotes will be a quote from one of our state's local celebrities or a nationally known celebrity. Each quote is matched with a picturesque outdoor photograph which may consist of a landscape or scenic view. "I'll Never Tell" has been called "magical" by all those who have had the opportunity to view the coffee table book. It has been said that those who read through the book always seem to find a quote they feel was specifically written for them. Additionally, curiosity also gets the best of them and they want to know who the new celebrity quote is from.

October is Domestic Violence Awareness month and my ultimate goal for this book project is to be able to introduce a new edition of my coffee table book annually, during the month of October.

      Reasons for establishing Mike Shines Inc

  • Non-profit and Community based organizations accomplish their missions by offering education, mentoring and at certain times financial support to victims. Statistics show that when survivors of domestic abuse have access to resources such as these, they are less likely to stay in a volatile situation

  • Domestic violence cost 8.3 billion in expenses annually: a combination of medical costs ($5.8 billion) and lost productivity ($2.5 billion)

  • Over 8 million children are affected by domestic violence each year

  • A woman is battered every 9 seconds

  • Battering is the single major cause of death to women, exceeding rapes, muggings and auto accidents

  • 6 million women are beaten by their husbands and boyfriends each year in the U.S., 1500 of them die

  • It’s time to give back

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Over three decades ago I walked out of a dinner-lounge, to see everyone standing in a group in the parking lot. There was a woman being physically abused by her companion and I stood there and watched….just like everyone else. It wasn’t until he pushed her and she landed on my car that I got involved. That incident was my unfortunate connection to domestic violence. That incident bugged me for many years because I stood there with others as long as I did before getting involved. Yes, I have also asked myself "What would have happened had he not pushed her on my car? Would I have continued to stand and watch?" It doesn't matter now....I got involved then and I have no plans now to ever stand and watch again.

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